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Chris Colfer on ‘Struck by Lightning,’ Secret Boyfriends and Girl Fans


The breakout star of Glee is now ready for his next act. He’s written the screenplay for his new movie—also starring him. The actor talks about the film, his surprising groupies, and all things gay.

Some people learn how to write screenplays by taking a class. Not Chris Colfer. When he was in high school, he kept crouching down at a Borders bookstore in Fresno, Calif., where he religiously read, and re-read, a $40 copy of Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola.

“I was a huge history buff,” says Colfer„ 22. “The movie came out right at the time I was studying for my AP European History class.” By obsessing over the screenplay, “that’s how I taught myself to be a screenwriter,” he says. “I never could afford it, because it was $40. So I’d always visit it at the Borders and study the format.”

In addition to acting, Colfer wanted to pursue a writing career. During the first season of Glee, after Kurt turned him into a pop-culture phenomenon, he’d go home and work on his first screenplay. The result isStruck by Lightning, a title that refers to the fate of its central character, Carson (played by Colfer), a high-school geek who blackmails the cool kids at his school into submitting stories for his literary magazine. The movie opens in theaters on Friday.

Colfer spoke to Ramin Setoodeh about the film and all things gay.

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